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I’m happy to answer any questions related to Internet Marketing, Business Blogging, Online Video Marketing (including 30 second online video business cards), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, I think you get the picture, and I do also provide a LINK BACK to your site if you select YES to displaying your name and location, but I do ask one thing of you first.

PLEASE NOTE I will NOT be answering questions that are using keywords, business names, or anything other than a REAL NAME because I don’t want my site to become a link farm.

SO PLEASE, those of you who are reading this and are only here for a linking purpose, without a legit question, and a legit name please leave.

EVERYONE ELSE please feel free to enter your question below and I will answer it post haste.

BTW you also have to option to not display your name if you so choose.

Thank you I look forward to answering your question.

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Hi Ian, I have recently read your top 10 YouTube tips for Small business which I thought was very good. I have recently set up my own company called Marketing Matters Direct (MMD) in the UK which provides SME's with marketing information, support, training and resources for all their marketing matters. We will be launching the website in August 2011 and part of the free members only resource section will include a section on top-10-tips. We were looking to create one about the use of YouTube and was wondering if we would be able to use your article? We would provide a link back to your website at the bottom of the article and would not be endorsing the article and being written by us. It would be greatly appreciated if you would be able to get back in contact with us.
May. 15, 2011 by Zenna Rowe, Midlands - UK
Hi Zenna,

Would be excited to see one of my articles on your site. Let me know what you need.