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How to use Yahoo! Answers to Promote Your Business

Yahoo! Answers is basically a part of Yahoo! which allows people to ask and answer questions. You get points for every answer that you post and because you can go through each and every question posted by other users, you can keep a track of the trends and hence, use it to promote your business as well!

Yahoo! Answers is similar to the traditional alternative of carrying out surveys as it allows the business owner to get an idea of the basic outline of the business environment as well as the needs of potential clients. However, like any other social media, you will have to first make a name for yourself and then use it for business growth.

At first glance, you will realize that Yahoo! Answers segregates the various questions on the basis of the prescribed categories that they fall under. This makes it easier for people to follow a particular niche and stick to that field. Naturally, if you can pin-point a niche for yourself and post questions on a regular basis, you will soon become a known ‘face’ and if your answers are good enough, you will get the label of a Top Contributor as well.

Once that is out of the way, you will have the liberty to choose such questions that will give you a chance to write out detailed articles, relate it your business and leave a link that will direct readers to your website. Naturally, this will only be possible if you add a sense of logic and order to your answers and make sure that the content is not only appropriate but also fun to read.

Keep in mind that when you use Yahoo! Answers to promote your business, you have to be very careful as far as your language is concerned. 

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  1. Yahoo answers is ok, but I think that is a lot of work for the payback. You could get much better results writing articles, press releases or marketing videos.

  2. It really does depend on the product or service you are providing, that’s why testing what you use is critical. It is only through testing you will discover what works best for your business.

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