Ian Richardson

Ian RichardsonI’ve been involved with and studying marketing techniques since the early 80’s. Television, Radio, Yellow Pages, Newspaper, Classifieds, Catalogues, Letterbox Drops, Telemarketing, Door-To-Door, phew… you name it and I’ve been involved with it somehow.

Since the mid 90’s I turned my interest to the Internet because, like many others, I saw an opportunity emerging that was going to be like no other ever seen before!

Fast forward to the present day and I could say I’ve nearly drowned in the amount of information that is flooding the Internet by the minute.

Trying to makes sense of this information and also use the Internet as a Marketing Platform can be a challenge to anyone. Also trying to do this in the most cost effective way can seem an insurmountable task, but it really doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m truly excited to assist you use the Internet as an effective marketing tool. I look forward to implementing a proven step-by-step system to increase your sales using methods we have successfully implemented for other very happy clients.

One last thing I would like to mention. I’ve always felt there is a lack in education for our younger generation when it comes to the incredible potential the Internet has to provide an income. You don’t even need to go to college and get a degree, teenagers have been making a fortune using the internet, and some have even dropped out of college simply because of the money they earn.

My contribution to helping teenagers (and younger) understand the potential and also navigate some of the hurdles was to publish a book now available on Amazon. To find out more visit my website Internet Marketing for Teenagers.

130 International Staff Members (and growing)

One of my goals when developing my online business was to one day be in a position where I could involve other talented people from other countries and enrich their lives.  That goal is now a reality because I am privaleged to announce my team now consists of the combined experience and expertise of:

  • 60+ developers
  • 14 articles writers
  • 6 editors
  • 5 video creators
  • 12 designers
  • 6 social media marketers
  • 8 SEnuke professionals
  • 4 voice talents
  • 6 customers support
  • 4 technical support
  • 6 project managers
  • 4 corporate managers
  • and Internet Marketers from Australia, USA, Canada, and the Philippines.

I can assure you we will provide the best possible solution to your needs.  You have my personal guarantee!

If you would like to contact me call Australia (02)8005-6006 or use my Contact Ian page.

If need a website for your product or business I suggest you have a look at my Website Creation packages.